Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C'mon Out To JP's

Saturday night February 28 we'll be hanging out with Carrie and Casey at JP's in B'ville, bringing our All-American rock'n'soul to the masses. You know you want to be there, and we look forward to seeing you.

And don't forget to put our upcoming dates on your calendar:
- Sat. March 7 - Badlands Saloon, B'ville
- Sat. March 14 - Shifty's, Burnet Ave.
- Tue. March 17 - Dinosaur BBQ (St. Patty's Day)



At 8:28 PM, Anonymous beth opel said...

I DO want to be there! I wanna hear the new guy. Welcome, Tim! Are you aware of what you're getting into! ;)

Mike E, Stevie B, and the Pimpy D will wear you out!

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous beth opel said...

P.S. Stevie B stands for Booyah!

At 1:09 PM, Blogger SteveO said...

umm... yeah.... good cover, Beth. B for Booyah? :)


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