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About The MEB:

"The Mike Estep Band surely has its own sound ... the band dives into a whole bunch of very cool original songs with talent and great enthusiasm."
Mark Bialczak
The Post Standard

"Estep and his band have a sound that is unique ... The band has a stylistic vision and the talent to realize it."

"The MEB offers introspective and sensitive modern rock for the coming millennium...(Estep's) writing approaches Springsteen-ish levels"
Allen Czelusniak
Syracuse New Times

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The Tunes

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MP3s and Streaming Audio - We have both Sample and Complete versions of tunes from each of the 3 CD's. We also have streaming audio available of tunes from the new Next In Line live CD. Just click the download links below and listen to the latest from The Mike Estep Band.

Technical Note - In order to hear these MP3 sound files, you will need an MP3 player. If you do not already have one or are having trouble playing these files, click any of the links below to download a FREE player.

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Next In Line - 2002
(One Live Evening)

  1. Colder Rain   Lyrics   RealAudio stream   MP3 (6.7MB)
  2. Borders to Share   Lyrics   RealAudio stream   MP3 (6.4MB)
  3. Waiting World   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  4. Train of Lies   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  5. One Lane Bridge   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  6. Next In Line   Lyrics   RealAudio stream   MP3 (6.5MB)
  7. Circus Lights   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  8. Paper Walls
  9. Jack and Jill   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  10. Falling   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  11. Only Dreams   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
  12. The Mask   Lyrics   RealAudio stream
Next In Line

This Machine - 2000

  1. Showtime  Lyrics
  2. Falling  Lyrics
  3. Circus Lights  Lyrics
  4. This Machine  Lyrics  Sample  
  5. Train of Lies  Lyrics
  6. Dirty Laundry
  7. This Time  Lyrics  Sample  
  8. Reunion  Lyrics
  9. Snowplow Jockey  Lyrics
  10. Your Reflection  Lyrics  Sample  
  11. The Mask Lyrics
  12. One Lane Bridge (Live)
This Machine

One Lane Bridge - 1998

  1. Walking Along The Wall
      Complete MP3 (2.9MB)
  2. Showtime
  3. Borders To Share
  4. Midnight Comes
  5. Out On The Town   Sample  
  6. Something Changed   Sample  
  7. Hey Scarecrow
  8. One Lane Bridge   Sample  
  9. Climb The Walls
  10. Armored Hearts
  11. The Last Shift
  12. The Warden's Eyes
One Lane Bridge

How To Buy MEB CDs

  1. Live Shows
    We always have copies of our CD available wherever we play, so check our Schedule and see the MEB for yourself and pick up a CD.
  2. Local Record Stores & Music Stores
    The Mike Estep Band's CDs are available in a number of local record and music stores, and will soon be available in a few others. You can pick up your copy at Borders (Carousel Center), SoundGarden (Armory Square), Music-Go-Round (Erie Blvd. Syracuse), Johnny Z's Music (Route 11 Cicero), and the Record Theatre (Erie Blvd. Syracuse). Help get us on the local record charts by buying a CD at one of these stores. Thanks! More stores will be added soon!
  3. Order Online
    Click here to visit the MEB Store.
  4. Order by Check or Money Order
    If you would prefer to order by check or money order, please follow the instructions here.

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